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Artist woven bags, nature loving textiles & decor, wild harvested enfleurage and essential oils.


About me

SIMONE HOWARD is an internationally acclaimed designer and artist whose work has been recognised by the American Craft Council, assuring the highest quality design and workmanship. Living simply and authentically together with her husband their home has been owner built using mud cob building techniques in the Australian countryside. Her use of natural raw materials – for example, sustainably harvested and handspun hemp yarn from a rural village in Thailand – in combination with exquisite silks and other finds from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and France – have made her work a standout. Soft and light, strong and durable, handbags, market bags and distinctive art decor and wearable art pieces are hand woven by Simone, each with their own stories to tell.


Wild and free

Enfleurage & Essential Oils

The luxury of simple pleasures and the desire for wellness sees the Artist exploring her surrounding countryside, responsibly wild harvesting flowers, stems and leaves. These are then small batch steam distilled to create essential oils; alternatively the traditional technique of enfleurage is employed, creating delightful moisturising perfumed lotions as well as enfleurage oils and absolutes. Finite amounts are made available on this website alongside accessories helping us align with, and enjoy the scents and healing properties of these essential oils, enfleurage oils and perfumes. Favoured & unusual essential oils are also made available; all are available both undiluted or diluted with natural carrier agents to increase affordability and ease of use. A NATURAL LIFT IS PROVIDED FOR OUR MINDS AND SPIRITS.