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About the artist

My background is in Architecture, Education & Design. My weaving work has been recognised by the American Craft Council. My guiding philosophy is the belief that we can make our own best efforts to live lightly on the earth and live more gently with each other.
‘SIMONE HOWARD is an internationally acclaimed designer and artist whose work has been recognised by the American Craft Council, assuring the highest quality design and workmanship. Living simply and authentically together with her husband their home has been owner built using mud cob building techniques in the Australian countryside. Her use of natural raw materials – for example, sustainably harvested and handspun hemp yarn from a rural village in Thailand – in combination with exquisite silks and other finds from Indonesia, Thailand, Japan and France – have made her work a standout. Soft and light, strong and durable, handbags, market bags and distinctive art decor and wearable art pieces are hand woven by Simone, each with their own stories to tell.’ Barbara Pasquet-James; Paris, France
‘Simone Howard has been a dream to work with. I have greatly appreciated her excellent customer service, infinite patience and great eye for visuals. My experience has been that Simone is gifted at grasping her customers’ styles and wishes swiftly as well as tailormaking the whole experience to suit her client… What I have enjoyed especially while working with Simone, is the creative process which we have shared – warm, inspiring and with a hint of magic in the air. The collaboration has led to something greater than I expected, following the brainstorming between us. Because of that I would extend a special recommendation for creative souls who enjoy sharing the process of creation as well as getting a great product. Simone Howard is the designer for you.’ Marie; Helsinki, Finland
‘Simone Howard is a talented and inspiring artist with a vibrant and engaging personality! She would capture our imagination, demonstrate new techniques and encourage us to explore and experiment, to push the boundaries, try new materials and develop our own style. We would always come away feeling inspired. Simone is a brilliant teacher, she has excellent communication skills and a passion for art and creativity that is contagious!’ Sophie Walker; NSW Australia